Thanks for Giving

Philanthropy Week in the Lowcountry is a week long annual event celebrating philanthropic work in Lowcountry communities. The purpose of Philanthropy Week is to recognize the significant contributions that donors and volunteers have made to enrich our local and global communities. It also aims to highlight the importance of giving, in all its forms, to our community‚Äôs economy and overall quality of life.  Thank you to all who give!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who all is involved in Philanthropy Week?

Anyone who wants to be!  There are a great variety of events and activities throughout the week that provide an avenue for all of Charleston to join in the celebration of giving!  If you are interested in joining the fun, please see our "Events and Registration" tab to register or purchase tickets.

Nonprofits have the additional opportunity of hosting an event during the week.  From luncheons to panel discussions- the options are limitless!  If you are interested in hosting an event during the week, please view the directions under the "Nonprofit Toolkit" tab.

Sponsors, such as South Carolina Bank and Trust and TD Bank, have allowed the Philanthropy Week vision to be brought to life.  Through providing grants and working closely with the Coastal Community Foundation to organize events and contests, sponsors have the unique opportunities to develop and provide funding for existing projects, brainstorm new ideas, or assist nonprofits' efforts.  A special thank you to all of our sponsors!  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Anna Wheeler at  

Community Partners, who work tirelessly with Coastal Community Foundation to organize, promote, and host events during Philanthropy Week, are an essential factor in the week's success.  Through great partnerships with distinct publications, such as Charleston Magazine and The Post and Courier, and the support of groups, including the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Philanthropy Week has been able to flourish over the past seven years.  If you are interested in becoming a community partner, please contact Anna Wheeler at

When and why was Philanthropy Week started?

Philanthropy Week was an initiative started as a means to celebrate all of the selfless giving that exists in the Charleston community.  Volunteers donate endless amounts of time, energy, and financial support to nonprofits that enrich our vibrant culture and improve the lives of countless individuals and families throughout the area.  Philanthropy Week serves to acknowledge and reflect on the generosity of the previous year, while inspiring involvement for the next year.  Philanthropy Week unites all of Charleston, for we have all been affected by the great generosity of others, giving us so much for which to be thankful.  This November marks Philanthropy Week's seventh annual celebration, looking forward to many more successful years to come. 

How can I get involved?

Please help us in spreading the word about Philanthropy Week 2012!  Through speaking with friends and family about the week, following us on Facebook and Twitter, and raising general awareness, individuals can create momentum surrounding the celebration.  By simply sharing your knowledge, you can help make Philanthropy Week 2012 the most successful year yet!  Please also considering registering for events hosted throughout the week; forms are located under the "Events and Registration" tab.


*Please send any additional questions to Anna Wheeler at    

In the News

"By stopping to say 'thanks' every day, even when I was rushed to do other things, I became more aware of how much I depend on those around me.  I realized that I too depend on our collective generosity.  I became more generous."

-George Stevens, CEO of Coastal Community Foundation

To read the entire article, please click here.

Community Partners

Community partners play a large and  unique role in the organization of Philanthropy Week.  Through their gracious hosting of key events throughout the week, these media and organizational partners have allowed Philanthropy Week to be successful, heightening the awareness of and publicity surrounding the week.

 Association of Fundraising Professionals


 Association of Fundraising Professionals, for example, provides an anchor event for the week, annually hosting their luncheon and awards ceremony on National Philanthropy Day.

Charleston Magazine       


Charleston Magazine has also provided consistency and shown community dedication through the organization of Philanthropy Week's finale event, the Giving Back Awards.

The Post and Courier

Thanks to the commitment of Philanthropy Week's community partners, Thanks-for-Giving has and will continue to be a successful unification and celebration of Charleston's vibrant and generous community!